Monday, May 21, 2007


I would like to notify you to say that I have been accepted into the M.Div program at Covenant Seminary for attendance in the Spring of 2008! I'm not sure when I will actually attend, but it's good to have the acceptance process done. Now I just have to wait to hear about scholarships. Pray for that process.

Here is the website for the seminary.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Plunk May 07 Update

Dear Supporters,

The update is below the pictures.

Shaving and cleaning Girma Mamo. I cut his hair and beard, Alemu washed his head to kill and prevent lice and trimmed his nails, and Derek washed his feet and hands. He has TB and is being treated for 2 months in the hospital.

We gave him a hat because it can get cold in the hospital with all the windows opened due to the TB. I will always remember this experience. Girma affected me more than I helped him.

Doing hospital visits has been good. Tigist had surgery in Black Lion and I was able to see her before and after. She has no family, but was encouraged through my visits as well as her support group coming to see her. This is a great picture of the purpose of support groups. Elsa’s group washed her and brought her to the office for the first time in months. It was a beautiful picture of community.

Boys group is going well. Derek and I have starting teaching English. The last few weeks we have built a doghouse for the two dogs that live at our project. They need some shelter before rainy season.

I have had some great conversations with my men's support groups. While studying Mark 2 about Jesus healing physically and spiritually, some asked me how to get spiritual healing now. The opportunities to share the Gospel have been plentiful.

June plans for trip to America
5th- Arrive in Memphis.
9th- Sister’s Wedding (the reason for coming home)
10th- Speak at Riveroaks Reformed Presbyterian Church
11th-14th- General Assembly in Memphis
14th-17th- Trip to Chattanooga?
17th- Speak at New City Fellowship?
18th-20th- Trip to St. Louis to Covenant Seminary
24th- Fly back to Ethiopia

Please feel free to get in touch with me by phone or email while I am at home. I would love to tell you more about what I do or answer any questions for you. Thank you for your support and prayers.

My American cell phone number is 901-409-0141.

Prayer Requests
1. Abrahat died a few weeks ago. Pray for her husband. Tsahay Girma and Yirgadu both lost their sons this month. Both were under four years of age.
2. Thanksgiving for the opportunity to show physical mercy to Girma Mamo.
3. Towabitch (son arrested in sudan, and daughter released from prison in the middle east). Hobtom mekonnin became a believer through her son’s conversion. Both are being discipled in a local evangelical church.
4. Please pray that our staff will be sustained during a time of busyness and struggle as we care for our beneficiaries.
5. Pray for us as we try to work with churches to provide a place of worship for our beneficiaries and for the 75 who will be transferred soon.
6. My seminary interview went well. I am now awaiting acceptance and a scholarship package.
7. Pray that my time at home would be resting and fruitful and that I could endure reverse culture shock.